The Eagle Has Landed!

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By Jonathan H

alameda-naval-station.jpgWelcome to the new redesigned blog for Yes, I’m branding myself now. We do it with our clothes, our food, our cars, and yes, even our cat litter, so I’m sure you won’t mind the blatant self-promotion.

What will this blog be about? Well, now that it has a coherent theme (and now that I can actually earn ad revenue through it), I’m going to write about a semi-focused subculture of geography enthusiasts and history buffs. I will also be displaying photos, offering my own — albeit limited interpretation of these photos, and will welcome any comments on photos received or analysis of current events (yes, I’ll even dabble in a bit of politics, green as I may be).

Two-thousand-seven is a new start for me, and I hope you celebrate the new year with me by following this blog. Cheers, and warm regards.


Art Deco Eagle

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