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  1. Wow. I just googled Neverland Ranch and clicked on your entry.
    The pictures are fantastic.
    Your story is amazing and truly shed some light on Michael Jackson. It is literlly bringing tears to my eyes as I type this.
    I was never really touched my him while he was alive. I was not a super fan. I like some of his music (just downloaded some of his Off The Wall songs and smile every time I play them.).
    However, I am so sad that he has passed away. I keep hoping this is some very strange dream and that the news will break that he is alive and well. But that is not to be.
    He was such a poor, tortured soul. Now he is not. He will finally be able to get the peace he so richly deserves. Unfortunately, it has to be in death where he has peace.
    I thank you for allowing me into the ‘life’ of Michael Jackson.


  2. SHARON on said:


  3. Annalee R. on said:

    I just want to say that Michael Jackson was more than a Musical Geneous he was a human being that was trying to make the world a better place one person at a time. The media exploited him and turned what was good into a circus. He loved people and cared deeply for all. He wanted to make a difference in someones life and he did. I have been a fan for 45 years. His music inspired me and drove me to do better and to be a better person. I am heart broken for his children who ultimatly are hurting the most. That was their dad. I lost my dad in 2008 and I was 49 years old. I couldn’t imagine losing my dad at 7, 11, or 12 years old and what they must be going through. The media has made a spectical of it all and they are the ones who killed Michael Jackson by all there lies. They tore him down bit by bit and took away his dream. He will truly be missed by me and my heart goes out to his family and friends who truly knew him.. I wish I could have met him (the man in that mirror). He was an Angel taken from us suddenly to be with God now. Forever in my heart and he will truly be missed. Thank you for giving me a place to share my thoughts and write a message.

    Love you Michael and will miss you much.

    Annalee R. of California

  4. tom margarites on said:

    It’s nice to see that SO MANY people really did/do love Michael Jackson as a man and throw away all the ugliness that was heaped upon Michael by the media and a few lost souls.I like many my age (50,same as MJ) I grew up loving the Jackson 5 (how could you not,every song they did was great!) and I liked Thriller and liked a lot of post Thriller songs but did not buy any MJ albums in the 80s (I was into the Police,Talking heads etc)….Only now after he has passed away have I allowed myself to fully embrace Michaels “adult entertainer” genius.MY two young daughters (5.5 and 9) are now BIG fans of MJ which I have fully nurtured and of course along the way I have fallen in love with MJ’s music.He was so big and glitzy and show bizzzy back in the 80s I was not interested.Only now do I realize that had Michael ever met me,we would have become fast and great friends! I’m a bit of a musical genius myself (check out my myspace page,just wrote and recorded a song ,”YOU ME WE” that was inspired by MJs life,death and message about making the world a better place.I have over 1000 (one thousand) cartoon statues displayed in my home (when I see pics of Neverland,it reminds me of my home!) Michael would have felt so at home in my 2000 square foot townhouse.I have a 24 track studio in the basement too with mountains of musical equipment.I’ll bet MJ and I could have made great music together.May he rest in peace.

  5. Everly on said:

    The photo’s are beautiful and ‘magic’, the same as Michael. Thank you for sharing them. One can only imagine what it was like there for 18 years. Michael was a perfectionist, so the ruins left standing are haunting.

    Your camera captured the life of this once happy and carefree land that has died and what is left is bittersweet. Yet, we who have never experienced Neverland, thank you with all of our hearts.

    To think how alive this place once was while Michael was living there, and now how alone and abandoned without him, is simply heartbreaking. We use our own ‘magic’ to bring it back to life! I weep at how it is so unkept and barren now, with the tears and echos of the lost children.

    Evil took away our Angel, and the world will never be the same. Why society wants to damn the innocent and pure of heart is beyond words. The world has lost her way.

    Michael I pray your Heavenland is spectacular, and has provided you with the peace, love and understanding that was so out of reach for you here.

    Thank you for all you gave to this ungrateful world.

    We miss you Michael, we love you more.

    RIP Peter Pan xoxo

  6. Kathy on said:

    michael i just dont want you to have work so hard and to see it all go please please dont

  7. Kathy on said:

    I really like being here with you michael

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