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  1. Cheryl on said:

    Wonderful article and thank you for sharing the pics.
    As for MJ… It’s lonely at the top. You were at once a legend, an icon and yes also an oddity… sometimes it appears by design and more often is appears as an outgrowth of a never common, never usual life. Your music and dance moves were inspirational and ground-breaking on so many levels. I’d like to believe that tragically and also at the same time somewhat magically you were always a child… and as such did no harm to anyone but, unfortunately, yourself. I am sorry and sad that we could not have learned more about you and your life in life as we are in your death. I think that had more people known more… things would have been different. You are missed, but will not be forgotten. May you be in peace.

  2. almira jackson on said:

    michael jackson was a big kid at heart just like me. i love to go back in time as a child. there are alot of things i do as an adult that takes me back.michael was and still is a beautiful person. i will love him 4ever!!!

  3. Kathy on said:

    michael how do you work this one

  4. Kathy on said:


  5. Kathy on said:

    can you make the cars move with no one in them

  6. whispering michael i’m back just the mailman

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