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  1. thank u thank u thank u ..
    my hart just stopped
    i have always wantd 2 do what u did,
    thank u 4 posting

  2. Kathy on said:

    michael cute hum

  3. Kathy on said:


  4. This place is fabulous

  5. its make me want to never leave here michael

  6. michael before we go in whats his name

  7. imean ohoo i guess hes not socute hum

  8. Diane Mendez on said:

    How lucky u guys were to go in there. My heart is so broken look n at them. I am so glad u did that before it all deteriated. I think even tho ,the beauty of Netherland for Michael was gone. He probably wud of appreciated the documentation of it. All the LOVE he put into the planning.It is so sad.I will defend him till I die.Wish u wud make a book of these pics to buy.Thank u from the bottom of my heart for giving me a chance to see Michael’s world.I do believe he was a messenger of God’s sent to us , to remind us about LOVE. And Michael endured nothin but pain here.Rest in Peace Michael (King of Hearts ) ?

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