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  1. Carla on said:

    Thanks for putting up this photos. I truely believe that MJ was a good person may he rest in peace.

  2. Sandra on said:

    Michael lived such an unfair life. He had to grow up before his time. All he wanted was to live his childhood through other children. It is funny that so many are saying that they didn’t believe the stories that cost him so much. Everyone needs to support someone when they are alive not just when they have passed. Michael was a wonderful person with a sad life. I just wished they would leave him alone now that he has passed away and stop with his past. Thank God not everyone’s past is brought up about them when they pass. What a seen that would be. A great person has gone on to a much better place where he can finally rest in peace.

  3. Stacey on said:

    Your photos and story were beautiful. Thank you for giving me a glimpse of one of my biggest dreams…. I always said someday i would get to meet Michael Jackson, i just knew it… I guess i will still, someday, but untill then, I cannot tell you how much these pictures mean to me. Im ‘just’ a fan, just a 26 year old girl, who, since i was 4, was mezmorized by MJ. I Never had anyone close to me that shared my appriciation for him, always stuck up for him no mater what, and i just always believed that he was an amazing person. Thank you Thank you Thank you!

  4. Tracey on said:

    The verdict for me is GUILTY. I never appreciated this amazing performer, wonderful daddy, beautiful soul when he was alive. I never wanted to visit America and now I long to visit there. I need to go to his resting place and pay my respects. I will thank him for his tireless work of performing for his many fans. I will thank him for the 69 concerts he slogged his guts out over 12 months in 1992 and donated every single sent to childrens charities. I will say sorry on behalf of all the cruel media out there who loved to push him even further in to a dark hole. I wish Pappa Joe died not Michael as it is he who is responsible for Michaels death. The on going daily beatings with belts extension cords or whatever was handy, he makes me feel sick. RIP Michael your were and are always going to be loved and appreciated. You are the king of Pop you are the King. xx

  5. mike on said:

    thanks for the story and excellent pics…it gives us a little glimpse into Neverland. I sincerely hope he was not guilty of what he was once accused (altho he did settle out of court for $22 million).

    RIP MJ

  6. fhood on said:

    he was peterpan……….man when i saw those neverland pictures i was speechless,michael jackson was the most innocent heart and soul ever….goodbye mj u will never be forgetten!!!!!!!

  7. michaeljackson on said:

    best smile

  8. I love you michael it looks like you been on you knees playing

  9. i wish i could hold your hand you would never be lonely again

  10. Kathy on said:


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