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  1. mike h on said:

    I’m thinking they should make this into a museum instead of letting it get completely run down.

  2. tom jones on said:

    i am from ameirca i am very pround of my coutry we have the best people hwo lives here in usa i live in los olives nere neverland were micheal jackson lives but not eney more micheal jackson you are the best person i have ever meet so thar yet the best singer and the best dancer i love you so much derley i was at the staple center were you had your funral i crided becuse you are my best person in the hole world micheal jackson i no you ca’t her me but people in america hwo i sent this to thay will read it out to you micheal jackson i love you so much i am going to see your grave one day i bet its really big your famley are amazing to you thay are luckey to have in there famley your coven was so nice i bet you were cofey in there wert her i miss so much becuse i whent to neverland i spok to you i was going on the sweges there you were really nice person your talent is amazing i don’t hwo you can do it your kids are so luckey to have you america i love to you bin really good to be and micheal jackson i am not from america but i do live in america los olives nere were you lived i just moved there becuse i dit love in los angeles and tenasee and boston and houyston and las vegas america you have don a lote to me and micheal jackson i am very pround to have and egnland london and wales i am from wales in england wen i was a little boy i was singer wen i got older i become fabouse i am a singer now tom jone sperking her now about you micheal jackson i love you so much you are the best person i have ever meet now i am tom jones a really popler person songer now i got i lote of money from sining like you but youa re beter and me i miss you so much i hope the mesege i sent to oyu will go in hevan and you will lise that tom jones like you and hope that you are happty that i sent to you see you soon when i gi the hevan and see there bye love tom jones

  3. tom jones on said:

    hi its tom jones again a thinking that you should tourn it in to a walk that people can go arooun it and have a lokk aroung neverland amd have something bye a tree a side saing lve merol of micheasl jackson rest in peca and ha ve some flowers bye the tree ther so people can go and have a loook there and put flowers there remerer him if have it as walk around neverland you should pay for it about for kids $4.50 and a adalt $6.50 to go arounds something

  4. Kathy on said:

    i dont want to leave

  5. Kathy on said:

    i am going to stay here foreve michael i just love you sooo much

  6. Sane Person on said:

    You guys need to go see a psychiatrist. Homeboy up there thinks he’s Tom Jones and Kathy would have sex with Michael’s dead body.

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