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  1. Again, your photos are “magic”. It’s so sad to know this wonderful place is no more. I remember Michael saying he held the world’s record on the Zipper, I believe, 34 or 35 times he rode it before getting off. What a mystery he was. What a complicated person he was. What a simple person he was. What a magical spirit he IS, and what a talented singer/dancer and humanitarian he was. He lived 100 years in his short 50, and he never got the recognition he deserved on this planet for all his “goodness”. The world cannot see the purest of things even when it hits them right in the face. He was so misunderstood. I’m sad for him, I’m sad for this dying world. Michael was L.O.V.E. even in his darkest hours here, but I’m not. I won’t rest until he is vindicated for all the lies put upon him by evil people and for justice to the one/ones who murdered him! In some ways, I am glad you are not here to be ‘stoned’ anymore, even if so many of us miss you so. Rest in peace Michael. We love you more!

  2. Kathy on said:

    peeaboo micheal

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