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7 comments on “ships-wheel

  1. shirley marie rhynes on said:

    There are no words big enough to tell you how fantastic your work is, the whole world needs to see what you have written.

  2. shirley marie rhynes on said:

    Michael Jackson will live forever in Heaven, safe from people who are so unhappy on this planet. stonemkr reverse painting on glass, a gift from a higher source. stonemkr

  3. Kathy on said:

    michael roll roll rollyour boat gently down the stream i love you michael i like playing with you

  4. Kathy on said:

    did you come here alot

  5. hum ok im holding on

  6. stonemkr on said:

    Hello, My trip to the Jackson Home was so worth it. I live close so I can visit often, or at least when I need to feel something other than my own. I have reverse painted Michael on Glass. Posted on the net under, stonemkr reverse painting on glass.

  7. Moreen Siu on said:

    Hello, my trip to ranch gate Neverland took place in November, 2011. I live far – in Russia. It is a pity to me that it could become reality only after 2009. I understand that my dream to get on the territory already will never become reality! I dreamed of it for many years! Thank you for the photo! They improbable! Looking through them again I dream!I

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