Copyright Statement

Bearings wholeheartedly supports an open and free Internet. At the same time, we understand that knowledge can easily be usurped by monied interests.

All images and text posted after January 15, 2009, and which is also not attributed to a copyright-holder, should be assumed to be open-source and freely shareable under a Creative Commons, Attribution-NonCommercial license. This includes all photographic works and articles attributed to Jonathan Haeber. However, the following is to be strictly monitored and enforced:

The Creative Commons license on this site grants your use of the collateral on this site with two stipulations:

  1. The following two types of entities are NOT be granted use of the images without prior permission or agreement: A.) Any incorporated entity in any state or county OR B.) Any for-profit enterprise (whether incorporated or unincorporated) generating more than $5,000 / year in gross profit.You may contact the editor if you’re a corporate or media enterprise wishing to use photographs or text from Bearings. Some of these requirements may be waived for certain extenuating circumstances.
  2. If you are neither of the above, then you are granted use of the works. There are no restrictions on how you use the images, or what you use them for. You MUST, however, credit the creator of the works.You should assume, unless otherwise noted, that images and text should be credited to Jonathan Haeber and (in the case of a website) a prominent hyperlink should point to (or the appropriate source page where you found the works in use). How you hyperlink is up to your own personal discretion, but both hyperlink and name of creator should be noted somewhere on the page in which the work appears.
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