Inside Neverland Ranch

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By Jonathan H

Editor’s Note: The post below was originally published in March of 2008. Since the tragic events last week, I felt compelled to write a follow-up. View the farewell post and the entire set of Neverland photos here.

Michael Jackson’s Neverland Ranch is up for auction next week. Bearings has gained access to the ranch, and has posted the images below.

As an aside, I personally believe Jackson is innocent of all charges. I speak as someone who has been on Jackson’s Neverland Ranch. It’s a bit disconcerting to think that I stand in solidarity with Geraldo Rivera, but what can ya do?

Many images I am not posting, out of respect for Jackson’s privacy. What I do post are places that were largely seen by the public (or at least by hordes of kids who count it a privilege to have been on “the Ranch.”) Whether or not you believe he’s innocent, one can still appreciate the beauty of Jackson’s vision in creating such a place. None of us should ever lose our sense of wonder and amazement at the world, and I think Jackson truly wanted children to have this, largely because he never had it as a child himself.

Without further ado, here are the photos.

The Train Station on Neverland Ranch
The train station at Neverland Ranch, taken on Kodak T-Max 100 speed film. Taken using a Tachihara large format field camera.

Neverland Ferris Wheel
The ferris wheel – What I would give to have a ride on this puppy.

Neverland Carousel
The classic, 50-foot carousel. Each horse and character seemed to be unique.
Neverland Bumper Cars
The bumper car tent.
Neverland Statues - Bronze
Statues near the front gate with aspen behind.
Neverland Station Clock
The Neverland clock at the main train station. I believe the time was accurate.
Bumper Car Controls
Ride designed exclusively for Michael Jackson. These were the controls for the bumper cars.
Neverland Front Gate
The front gate of Neverland Ranch.
Lithograph of the Michael Jackson
A lithograph of Michael Jackson with children at the front gate.

More pictures at:

443 comments on “Inside Neverland Ranch

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  2. This site is probably dead now and no one visits anymore, but I just had to say to every single person that posted here and called him a pedophile or said they were happy he is dead, I only wish something as vile as those allegations happen to you and you have to fight to prove your innocence. We all know there is nothing worse than being accused of something you know you did not do, evidence proving you wrong and people still pointing the finger at you. Think of one time in your life someone thought you did something and you didn’t, not a good feeling was it?

    Also, people love to say we have blinders on and don’t want to see him for the child molester he is. Well, anyone with a fourth grade reading level can read profiles on child molesters and see that he does not fit the bill. Not only that, common sense would tell you he is innocent. Why is it that out of the thousands of children that have gone through Neverland we get two families accusing him and, shocking, they have backgrounds of being liars and swindlers. Where were all the other families coming forward during the trial if he was this grand pedophile? Sooo many opportunities to molest and he does it two children over 35+ years? Yes, add that up and see if that makes sense. What pedophile have you ever heard of molest 2 children in 40 years and has no child porn on their computer? If he was a true pedophile he wouldn’t be able to stop himself, megastar or not. You people are sad idiots and a waste of breathing space. I hope you die and rot in hell. You are all scum!

  3. Marianne (Holland) on said:

    In my darkest hour
    In my deepest despair
    Will You be there?
    In my trials
    And my tribulations
    Through my doubts
    And frustrations
    In my violence
    In my turbulence
    Through my fear
    And my confessions
    In my anguish and my pain
    Through my joy and my sorrow
    In the promise of
    Another tomorrow
    Will You be there?

    Yes my dear Michael He was there,
    Now you know for sure…
    you are for allways in His arms! Love you and miss you allways….. RIP

  4. Tatiana Kirilina on said:

    Michael I love you very much …
    you are always with me ….
    I always wanted to visit you at a party .. sorry that I can not do
    but anyway I will dream about it though this and not when it is not going to happen
    I love you <3 so much
    I miss you
    i need you!

  5. where does it go my words!!!!!? i thought I would make you remember. when i see that site i can find you wispering the name. the wonder the secret behind the neverland which ought to be an everland. when for the first time we saw the site through a train window i experience the magical power and miracles therein the place. I could remember the feeling we had at our first sight . I cannot forget that feeling in my lives. sure we’ll definetely come togather. waiting for that. maijay would believe hat its me truly saying may this beautiful place be a wonder for ever. I know that there is a time in with me at which i’ll definetely step inside and make the dream come true. SWATHI feeling whole heartedly to expfess this view.

  6. Michael you are the real king. the one who wins the area is only a king so called. But a man who wins the hearts of the people is the real king who rules for true. i miss you Michael.

  7. Mchael Jackson the power in the name itself shows the man. we miss u michael

  8. All right, do you delete my message for the second time. it dosen’t matter. ’cause of my ill fate. Okay…. might you you wanted to show only the facts about michael. it seems u’re really interested in his life. i think u may help me in finding the truth. let me reveal with u partially a true and interesting fact about Michael. Please don’t take my words to time pass words or i’m just playing. what all i’m writing are 100% true and if u could help me in proving them ’cause i’m unable to.
    If u can meet any of michael’s family members u can get some information.
    Michael Joseph Jackson as u all must be feelling that you know about his childhood and his young age. but that’s not so. his parents and family members also don’t know about a SECRET THAT HE NEVER REVEALED to this world. but they know it. YES,. but they never notice it. when Michael was 8 he met a person and he had to leave that person physically at his 30. his whole life is attached with that person, he made revolve around that person right from his passion to his death. if u could find the details of this person u’ll know the reasons of Michael’s strange behaviour and somethig amazing.
    u may ask how do i know about it and who is that person. I can’t say this ’cause I have no evidences to prove it, this fact and how I know about it. but i don’t quit i’ll definetely show this one day. u may ask y i say all these now! I came to know about all this from one person after one month of the breaking news.since then i,m trying.
    if u can meet Mrs. Kathrene imean Michael’s mother and his elder brother u’ll get some information. ask them “whe Michael was 16 he went somewhere secretely somewhere fo 3 days. where did he go?” “what reason did he say to his brother?” they saw that person, they met that person but’ still they don’t know about it. Michael’s parents misunderstood him because of this person only as they don’t about this person. if you find this fact u’ll know the secret behind the Neverland, why Michael created such a beautiful place. the reason for his strong desire to have children. the matter behind marrital life and his divorce with his wives and the reason behind his death. I can’t say anything more. So, I’m in the search of the person the only one who knows about this fact. I could not find him since a ong time. that’s the reason why I put those messages. I have no much knowledge about this Nt. I’m unable to do more. But i hope i’ll definetely get your help. What will you answer if I ask u who is Michael Jackson? I’m sure none of u’ll say he is a human being. that’s what troubles him so much.
    Michael is not so common person and what we all know as a special person, he is something more than what we know he is. I don’t want single person take him wrongly ’cause he is not soooo…..

  9. prakash on said:

    this comment is amazing. the photographs are stunning.

  10. I will be going here someday. I am also to come out with a new book about Michael Jackson for the world to know the truth from the perspective of a young author. The title remains annonymous to viewers untill further notice, however it will be available soon to all at a fairly reasonable price, so be sure to check it out. It will be about how Michael Jackson is viewed, and about all the slander that was said, coming from a young teenagers eyes. I hope you all enjoy my book and let the legend live on in our hearts! King of Pop, Michael Jackson will remain there forever. Nice little website you have put together here. Keep up the good work! From, a friend of Michael.

  11. Edward Jackson on said:

    I would love to buy this place, if only to bulldoze it to the ground…

  12. jamie on said:

    hey i <3 mj

  13. Bob D on said:

    “I would love to buy this place, if only to bulldoze it to the ground…”
    Edward, I echo your statements and ad what would anyone possibly do with this estate. With it’s history who would turn into a real park?

    Thank you for sharing the photographs!

  14. Michael on said:

    I’m not sure how to feel about Michael and the ranch. Should I admire him for his love of things beautiful? Or should I pity him for his apparently insatiable need to accumulate and posses? I suspect the second.

  15. Peter on said:

    There’s this bronze statue overlooks the road to the main house at Neverland Ranch. The massive house and property now stands empty since the death of Michael Jackson. How melancholy I really felt every time I could remember MJ.

  16. I saw a man once with a T shirt that said “the man who dies with the most toys wins” – what a sad reflection on modern life is, perhaps Michael fell into that trap.

  17. Amiel Sac on said:

    “Whether or not you believe he’s innocent, one can still appreciate the beauty of Jackson’s vision in creating such a place.”

    Through your pictures, I have an idea as to what it is like inside that place. Through these words, I felt how beautiful things there are. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

  18. Bob Diamond Real Estate on said:

    I know that I wouldn’t want to have my kids come to it if it was a real park after its history. Meloncolly for some….something else for others I suppose.


  19. Spencer Renaud on said:

    Obama’s Marxist allies move forward on healthcare, socialist …REGIME CHANGES AT RU, SHU & SJU HOPE TO PUT NYC LOCALS BACK ON BIG …USA-UK and Sunni Arabs promote Zionist regime in Mideast -DR …The Jagdeo regime has been furthest from lean, clean and mean …

  20. Well there is the evidence, Texts to Conrad Murray where MJ states he wanted “Michael Jackson Hospitals for sick children everywhere”, He loved children because he felt it his duty to protect them from a deranged and damaged world, MJ only wanted to bring joy and happiness to children who never had it for granted, All charges against MJ proved false, How the heck the police got away with such a pointless case that had no evidence is beyond me, The stress caused by all the lies actually proved that MJ would give his life to help less advantaged, sick and ill children, For which he did, MJ would never be in the lower realms in the spirit world.

  21. jennifer morrison on said:

    I totally love these photos beyond words. I grew up with mj watching him on mtv and just wondered why his videos were so long. I never really appreciated him or his music until unfortunatlly after he died. I mean I had the thriller album and I liked the bad video and smooth criminal….but theres so many more…..when he died on that day its weird I felt like a piece of me died….even though I didn’t like pop music when I was younger not that he has died and Im older I see that he was completely amazing. No one will ever know what happened behimd his closed doors and its sad that all this shit comes out when he cant defend himself, but all I know is he was the world best and greatest entertainer and im blessed to have had him in my lifetime. I really love these pixs and wish I could talk to u more about them….but probably wont happen. theyre spectacular. thanks for sharing them with us….and fux all your people who have no life and have to talk shit and act like the assholes that you are….your intellect shows.

  22. Paula Ann on said:

    A truly remarkable website! Thank you. MJ wrote, spoke, & song like an Angel. Behind the iron curtain, he was gone too soon. May peace and harmony live within our hearts forever and ever.

  23. Paula Ann on said:

    The Photographer here, Jonathan Haeber, has captured the special visions that only WE will be able to experience through his eyes & the lens of his camera. I deeply am saddened MJ is not with us anymore. What’s even more sad is that we all will not be here in 100 years. However, on a happier note, these photographs will!!! Thank you Jonathan for capturing MJ’s vision as we now, know it. The detail on rides are spectacular especially “The Swinger-Swings.” If anyone who likes MJ and great photography, these are the best of the best!!! And, just for the record, I don’t know Jonathan or MJ for that matter, but, I wish I did & have. Peace. Paula Ann

  24. MJ was a truly magnificent human being. Anyone who thinks less of him is just plain ignorant.

  25. Mack A. Johnson on said:

    Aren’t these your photos? Credited to the ninja turtles?

  26. Mack A. Johnson on said:

    Btw, these are spectacular photos.

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    ?? ????? ????!!

  28. Cindy on said:

    I wasn’t much of fan for MJ but he used to be so cute when he was a teen. It is too bad how he felt about himself and had an extensive facial cosmetic surgeries. I understand how he felt but now I know that I’m with God each and everyday and received wisdom to know who I am today. No one guided MJ to accept what he has and born to be black. God had a plan for MJ and he didn’t need to go through it but his own insecurity made him to do what he did with himself. I like to let all the young people who are not happy with their looks, be sure to look for what they have first. None of us humans are perfect and it is the way God created so that many variety in the world of people to make a differences in life to create, advance, and learn to cope, and love one another regardless of diverse. Our life on the earth is a test, how to cope with the diverse, how to accept one another, how to love one another. Remember, everyone of us have something others don’t have and it is the way God created for his purpose and not our purpose. Everything happens in God’s schedule and not because we want it to happen. When we force our will, most likely end in regret, failure, or have to undo it. God always consider our wish and desire but every desire has its price to pay. In many occasion, God provide your wish and desire but it’ll happens in the God’s term and not yours. God says, “Be not inpatient in delay, but wait as one who understands. When the spirit rises and commands, the Gods are ready to obey.” Young people, strive to be happy with a positive thinking which is mastery.

  29. Very refreshing articles, enjoyed myself. Thank you. R.I.P. M J

  30. Paula Ann on said:

    Thanks again, Jonathan H., for posting this article with photographs. Truly a work of ART! And reminding me where I can find my peace. Happy thoughts. 🙂

  31. why are you selling this land? let it be like a Museum!!!!

  32. I thought he gave off a “rapey” vibe.
    But, after much thought and research, it really seems like MJ was very nice and very misunderstood rich black man… And people tried to take advantage of him.
    It is extremely sad, how he lost everything, and then his life too.

  33. Aleksey on said:

    Hello. Mack Jacson no pedofil

  34. ?ukasz z Polski on said:

    Gruby dokument.

  35. ?ukasz z Polski on said:

    Gruby dokument

  36. ?ukasz z Polski on said:

    Gruby dokument

  37. RIP

  38. Tracy B on said:

    An amazing guy, beautiful pics, would make a perfect place to remember michael, if only someone would allow this to happen, don’t sell it, they would make their money back in no time, then let his children have it, after they have made what money they wanted for it.
    Love and peace is what this world should be about, but its not it’s all about the power and the money ????

  39. Beth Bowling on said:

    As happy as he made every person with his music and dances, Michael was just as unhappy as a person.

  40. Thank you very much for the stunningly beautiful photos of this beautiful place, as if you had been there, Michael is the best, brightest man with a big heart, tears in his eyes from what he had to experience ???? ……… ??

  41. Thank you very much for the stunningly beautiful photos of this beautiful place, as if you had been there, Michael is the best, brightest man with a big heart, tears in his eyes from what he had to experience ???? ……… ??

  42. Marina Zhang on said:

    I love you and you always was inspiration, maybe you became an angel From Moscow with love

  43. Mike

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