What’s Said About Us

The media loves Bearings and we love the media.

Every so often, they even give us a plug, for which we’re eternally grateful.

Below we’ve gathered the best o’ the best.

Der Spiegel – Online

A video from Germany’s Der Spiegel discussing our recent photo series coming from Neverland Ranch.

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The New Yorker

Our photo of the Detroit Book Depository was highlighted in the New Yorker’s online “Book Bench” column written by Ms. Macy Halford.

New Yorker MCS book depository photo

Bologna National Philharmonic

The Bologna, Italy National Philharmonic used an image of mine on the cover of their magazine

Everywhere Magazine

Bearings reported on the S.S. Independence more than once. It was America’s last truly great steam ocean liner, which left San Francisco to be scrapped in February of 2008. Everywhere Magazine featured some of our photos and includes our detailed narrative of touring the ship.

NBC Bay Area News

The Bay Area’s NBC featured Bearings photographs coming from Steve Jobs’ abandoned Woodside mansion, Jackling House. See the video with images below.

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San Francisco Chronicle – Sunday Edition

Writer James Nestor followed Bearings’ editor Jon Haeber and other Bay Area explorers to give his prognosis of urban exploration from a journalist’s perspective.

Berkeley School of Journalism

Students in the graduate journalism school of U.C. Berkeley picked my brain on what I thought urban exploration entails and its importance in a post-industrial society. I was able to show them around a site, and explain why it means so much {see video below}.

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CBS – “Good Question” Segment

Twixt Online Zine

A series of photos coming from Bearings were featured in a gallery at Twixt Magazine.

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