Aarhus, Denmark is an Open City!!!!

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By Veronica Shine

If you are planning on being in the Jutland region of Denmark, a must visit is in Aarhus, especially right now. Originally known as Aros and lying on the peninsula of Jutland, the Aarhus Festival first began in September 1965 and has developed not only into a major local cultural, but also an international festival. For 10 days every year, the entire city of Aarhus is swarming with entertainment events. Several performances are free.

“Aarhus Open City” is the theme of 2008 Aarhus Festival Week. This yearly festival will only be active from the 29th of August to the 7th September, so hurry and get to Denmark! All over Aarhus, the city is buzzing with music; activity and artistic and cultural events.

The best way to truly indulge in these ten days is to obtain a vacation rental of a cottage in Jutland area and live the life of both a native and visitor. This festival guarantees to be a full throttle of entertainment. No matter where you stay in Denmark, all motorways lead to Aarhus from the north, south and west and easy to reach from anywhere in Denmark.

If you can not make it to the festival, it is good to know that Aarhus and the rest of the Jutland region have much to offer any time of the year. Even if you miss the festival, you’ll find an array of museums, attractive villages, and history.

Things to do in the Jutland Region

Aros Museum – This is the newest museum in Aarhus and the largest art museums in northern Europe. With 10 stories to explore, one day will just not do it. Offering a good variety of paintings, sculptures, and drawings from the Golden Age up through contemporary it is a wonderful visit for the whole family. There are even on-hands art activities available for the younger members of your group.

Den Gamle By – Re-live Danish history in this open-air museum depicting early Danish life throughout all the regions of Denmark. With 75 historical houses, gardens, exhibitions, houses, shops, and workshops situated in the old town of Aarhus, your day will surely be spent understanding the Danish culture. The structures were originally erected between 1550 and the late 1800s in different parts of Denmark and dismantled and reconstructed here.

The Skagen Art Museum– Located in the quaint small city of Skagen is the place to be for those that enjoy Nordic art. Most of these paintings depict the beauty of Skagen and the surrounding sea. Besides a permanent collection, many different exhibitions from throughout Scandinavia make its way to this museum.

Silkeborg Museum – Silkeborg Manor in Silkeborg was erected in 1767 and became a museum in 1951. It houses some of the most amazing museum exhibits you will ever see. The world renowned “Tollund Man” can be found here. The “Tollund Man” is the well- preserved body discovered in 1950 who originated from the Middle Ages in the Village of Tollund. Other artifacts range from the Stone Age, Bronze Age, Iron Age (where the Tollund Man is displayed), Viking Age, and Middle Ages.

For information on the venues and transportation options for “Aarhus Open City” view: http://www.aarhusfestuge.dk/

For details on activities with the Jutland region throughout the year visit: http://www.visitdenmark.com

3 comments on “Aarhus, Denmark is an Open City!!!!

  1. Diane Leon on said:

    What a great article. This is a part of the world I have never seen and now it will go on my “to see” list. Loved the museum descriptions and historical background info. diane

  2. I like your article, thank you!There must have time to see next.

  3. Veronica Shine on said:

    Glad you enjoyed the article. The world is full of wonderful places to be discovered and explored.

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