You’re Invited: Mothball Fleet Revealed

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By Jonathan H

Years ago, I – along with two other friends – laid the groundwork for one of our most daring explorations yet attempted. We knew the waters were fraught with the danger of being caught, but we arranged our plans to mitigate those risks. Though the news has been out for some time, the actual story is yet to be told – at least until May 7th, 2011, when four of us – including one photographer who gained official access, Amy Heiden – will be presenting never-before-seen images of the Suisun Bay Naval Reserve Fleet [RSVP Here].

I’ve written about the fleet here before – heck, I’ve written about it twice for good measure – and I’ll be writing about it much more in the future, given that there is now a treasure trove of images to reveal.  However, the full story will not be posted here today. I’m simply here to announce the event. For months, we’ve contemplated how to make our journeys public, and we wanted it to be done in person among the the link-minded.

Let the images below be your teaser. Come for the show to see them all. For less than the cost of a big-budget Hollywood thriller, you can see real adventure in action. Hear about our close calls, dangerous mishaps, and the details of the exploration that I’m most proud of.

The truth is, many of the ships that you will see in this show are long gone. The only record of their existence, other than in the memories of the men and women who served on these ships, will be the photos that we show on May 7th. Few photos or blueprints exist, and I’m proud to say that we served some small part in recording their history.

Under the cover of darkness, among the broiling waters of the San Francisco Bay, through a myriad of toxic ships – we’ve emerged from our adventures with a better understanding of where and who we now are as a nation. Come hear our stories, see the prints, watch the slideshow. I hope to see you there, so that you can share in our wide-eyed amazement at these intricate, well-engineered relics of mankind.

Saturday May 7, 2011 from 7:00pm – 9:00pm

$8 at the door

Workspace Limited

2150 Folsom St.
San Francisco, California 94110

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2 comments on “You’re Invited: Mothball Fleet Revealed

  1. Lyle Fleming on said:

    Served aboard USS TAuga (AO-62) from 1963 to 1965. Was a Radioman. Saw service off Vietnam, and the whole Westpac. Thoroughly enjoyed seeing the old girl again. She’s as old as I am. (I was born 11/25/43, she was born Dec 1943.Always wanted to do what you guys did….wasn’t sure the ship was still inexistance or not. Nice to know she is.
    B. Lyle Fleming RM3 USN (831) 227-1396

  2. Jeremy on said:

    By microwave on the IOWA do you mean the dish sitting near the top, that is actually part of the fire control director system :p but their must of been something else guarding the ship for them to have been aware of your presence so quickly.

    But awesome story, good to see that there are some urban explorers with the guts to share their stories and pictures with the public :)(unlike some sites like UER!)

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