Google Maps Says: “Swim Across the Atlantic Ocean”


By Jonathan H


Google's Intuitive Map Interface


A friend of mine from Oregon recently sent me a short directive.? She said that I should go to “Why?” I said, “I already have a?GPS device.”?

“Just do it.” She said.?

Well, one must never deny?an appeal to “just do it,” so I made my way to Google Maps post-haste.

“Ok, now click on?’Get Driving Directions.’ Then?type in New York as your point of origin and Paris, France as your?destination.”?She said.

I was still confused, and most definitely not quite amused.

Then she said to scroll down to?prompt #23.


New York to Paris, According to Google


“But I don’t have my fins!” I exclaimed.

Sure enough, it’s another case of Google Maps wigging out, quite literally.? In another case, a bug (an earWIG, ironically) got caught in the scanning process.? When one typed in the coordinates of: 48.857635,10.20529 a giant killer alien (or an ultra-large scanned bug) showed up on the satellite.? Google has since fixed the problem now all that remains as evidence is an off-color square in a giant swathe of German farmland.

This case?of purportedly “swimming?across the atlantic” seems to me to?be the first of many of Google’s intentional bugs to delight its users.??And, if so, I applaud Google.? It’s an ingenuous marketing effort on their part. Word is already flying among the ears and wigs of MySpace. A truly viral campaign that really started with a bug — maybe even an intentional one at that.?

Then again, it could be another bored Google worker with too much time on his hands…. those lucky bums and their $400-share stock options…

2 comments on “Google Maps Says: “Swim Across the Atlantic Ocean”

  1. Bored on said:

    So the new york to paris trip is fixed (no longer computes the route) however if you want to drive from new york to sydney australia it says to kayak 3 times over different oceans. also all streets and signage for japan (apparently we’re driving through japan) are in symbols rather than english which looks kinda funny.

  2. Jonathan Haeber on said:

    HA. Thanks for the update. I just tried New York to Sydney, and you’re absolutely right. Thanks for pointing that out.

    That’s really sweet. Thanks for mentioning.

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