So Alang SS Indy

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By Jonathan H

Goodbye SS Independence

Our last view of the SS Independence — taken from the Golden Gate Bridge, being towed like a broken soul, on its way to be broken down on the beaches of Alang, India.

As an aside: I contacted three different news organizations a full week before the ship was to be leaving. Not a single one covered the story. The San Francisco Chronicle eventually covered the story today. Others interested in the SS Indy across the country contacted news organizations, but as of today only the Chronicle has written a brief summary of its departure.

With its socially/environmentally destructive “recycling”, historical drama, and suspicious-to-say-the-least corporate background, it could have easily been a Pulitzer-prize-winning feature. Unfortunately, our nation’s news media seems to be too beholden to killer bee and terrorist alert stories these days. Either that, or they have a vested interest in the public’s perception of Norwegian Cruise Lines. Readers: You decide.

12 comments on “So Alang SS Indy

  1. word up. im soooo glad you got a shot of this. i was wondering what it would look like as she left.

  2. BlueNorway on said:

    It appears that the SS Independence leaving without a real destination port and without decontamination is the last move by the American DHS’s attempt to take over the passenger cruise industry by framing all of the breakers and companies as sponsors of terrorism. The (SS) Constitution was already sunk. See Http://BlueNorway.Org/

  3. Avery on said:

    I have seen a disturbing trend towards giving up all hope now that Independence has left Frisco. In the immortal words of USS Conolly museum member…”Dammit, DON’T GIVE UP THE SHIP!” There is still a chance she may be stopped in Guam as Pacific Hickory refused to stop in Hawaii….she has to refuel somewhere. When she is stopped in Guam, she will be brought in and tested for PCBs and Asbestos (don’t ask me how you test for Asbestos) by the EPA. Both will be found and she will be brought back to the US for cleaning…which NCL will refuse to do since she was “sold” and the transaction was “confidential” which of course will result in an awful mess. That, at least is the ideal situation.

  4. Eric on said:

    I don’t think she’s going to stop in any port where US authorities might intervene. Looks like the tug refueled in Saipan. The company that now “owns” the Indy is a broker that deals in scrap steel:

    Been involved in several discussions on IRC and apparently the guy that owns runs Global Marketing is an Indian national and former business professor at some school in MD I believe. How you go from teaching business to getting involved in shady business dealings that involve export of contaminated materials to third world countries and running from the EPA, I’m not sure.

  5. Jonathan Haeber on said:

    Pretty shady, Eric. I appreciate the update. Thank you.

  6. Sure Jon, here are some news stories and links you may find of interest (I believe you might even find some Tunnelbug photography somewhere in there…..;)

  7. Eric on said:

    SS Independence now beached @ Alang:

  8. Corey Abelove on said:

    The cat and mouse game continues. And, although GMS (Anil Sharma) has been fined over $500,000 U.S. Dollars by the E.P.A., this does not mean he will not face criminal charges for the illegal export of the Indy. How people like Anil Sharma, as well as the Indian ship scrappers at Alang are allowed to continue engaging in extremely illegal behavior is beyond me. What I do know is that there are individuals and organizations who will not stop their efforts in fighting criminals such as these.

  9. Andy Landolt on said:

    Independence breaking up due to neglect and environment while still in the water.

  10. Another great ship bites the dust…apparently the scrapping was completed quickly…

  11. Scott Trimble on said:

    Back in April 2005, before its demolition, I was fortunate to be able to explore that ship. Pictures here,

  12. Wow, Scott, thanks. It’s amazing how much of the original components were there in 2005. What happened to them, especially that frog in the pool and the brass bridge telegraph. There was a lot missing when we were there…

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